Electrolytes as Future Rechargeable Energy Device

Energy Division


Energy Device Technology towards Future Generations

Electric double-layer capacitors as potential energy systems of the future are expected to be used for wind power generators, vehicles, and also dye-sensitized solar cells. Our Energy Division supplies the electrolytes and ionic liquids used in these products; with 25 years of experience as a photosensitive materials manufacturer, we can offer stable mass-production of electrolytes of very high purity and high quality.

Customer Support: from R&D to Mass-Production

Our long-running technologies for electrolyte synthesis in high purity levels, solvent purification, control of electrolyte density, and impurity control at the ppm scale are all for our customers. We provide samples of electrolytes and ionic liquids through the whole development processes of our production. With our own mass-production facilities, we can provide electrolytes at the rate of several tens of tons per month and ionic liquids at the rate of several tons per month. We can respond to various customers’ demands with all of our long-running technologies.

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